Emails from Ivana and Aidyn

Emails from Ivana and Aidyn


Sweet. Kate. Sweet.

here’s my thought from a beach house in Montauk. “How do I stimulate “gregariousness” in my neighborhood?” Inspired by reading Deep Economy by Bill McKibben about the role of community in a more beautiful and durable future. Some thoughts Brian and I are tossing about… regular potlucks, a book lending “box”, street painting, more porch music…
love you,

Love it, love it, love it.  I’m feeling gregarious just reading your email, Ivana.  Can’t wait until you guys are back so we can keep conspiring.


My thought from my little office in downtown Cville: “How do I stimulate collaboration and creativity in everyday, mundane spaces?”  Potlucks, sobremesas (literally: “time lingering together after a meal”), backyard concerts…


I think we’re on the same page : )


Love you guys.

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