3 thoughts on “Hooks Mill Still Lifes

  1. From Judy Kramer:
    Dear Kate,

    Just looked at the site. I loved the photo of the silver wear drawer at the mill. When my father passed away, we had to empty the house. He had an office in the basement. However, some time in the early eighties, my mother decided it was too cold for him. So he made another office in the maids room off of the kitchen. The basement office remained just as it was. Like a fly in amber. When I opened the center drawer of his desk, it was filled with old pencils and pens…I swear, some were from the thirties. There was a curling old Polaroid of me as a little girl. It was so beautiful….many times I have thought of it and wished I had taken a photo of it or left it in tact.

    Speaking of which, Mark and I saw Maira Kalman’s installation at the Met…a reproduction of her mother’s closeting her studio apartment in the West Village. I swooned. You would too. Her mother wore only white garments.

    Love, j

    I read your essay. Kate, how could you ever doubt your own beauty?

  2. Dear Kate,
    Remarkably, for my minds eye I’ve loved corners at the mill ,the history of the China (smiling at postcards) I remember Judy as a beautifully dressed and loved little girl ( smiling at memory of Lenore, her Mom, with dry sense of humor and her French medal) and …I was recently at the Met and saw Maira Kalman’s moms white closet.
    Now you’re sending me back to the magical Bennis household where Clurie said ” I don’t want too much furniture, I want my house filled with people.”

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